I’m like the opposite of the grinch

Sent George off to Sweden yesterday. I kid you not when I say he wanted to kill me. I might have gone a tad bit overboard with Xmas gifts in his bag. Like 32kg overboard (that is not just me though). 

Seriously angry boyfriend. Sorry. 
First he got to build Lego in bed though so don’t feel too bad for him 
Other things I did yesterday were buying a new carpet 
The old one was destroyed and after the break in I decided I needed a new one. Love this. Also a bit smaller and fits he room better. Hello new carpet. 
Then I promised G I will deal with my Xmas gifting issues and continued on to wrap a couple here and plan what I’m giving the team as a thank you. 
Kopparbergs and rekorderlig cider of course. 
Tonight Xmas dinner at bens warehouse and then only 2 more days to go before I’m back in swedland. 

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