A New Years Eve among the dead

Seeing all those lovely pictures from Christmas I bet you are dying to know what really went down for NYE.

What didn’t go down…
George and me jumped on an early plane to Dublin after having shared Arlanda with literally EVERY other swede. My previous statement that swedes do everything together ring true when the guy working there confirmed that this year was crazy with everyone going to Thailand.
Not us. We chose freezing Dublin instead. Because bosses. 
Stayed with George Swedish friend Asrin and when in Dublin drank beers and ciders and smoked cigarette and checked out people. Thinking about it, pretty much what we do everywhere. 
Standard Friday night behaviour.
Slept in what felt like forever on Saturday morning and then it was time for NYE magic. The theme for the party was dead celebrities and I went for a hero – Freddie mercury from Queen.
Oozing of sex…
George was George Michael. Fitting. (And hot with eyeliner. Sorry dad)
Pretty damn awesome crew. I had a great time with me adopted Dublin family and we didn’t leave the party until 5 in the morning. 
Hot crew. Loving prince. 
Waking the morning after we were embarrassingly lazy again so in the evening I made everyone go to a traditional Irish pub to have seen something of the city. 
That was a success…
George and his friend Simon ended up stripping. When in Dublin.
The night ended late but I headed to bed at a reasonable hour since I had to head back to London the day after. 
Definitely coming back to Dublin, they have live music. And make strippers out of men. What is not to love? 

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