Sofa times big time

Going to Paris tomorrow. It kind of unbelievable, my life where I jet off to Paris all the time. Especially since I usually take it as my time to sleep and see nada of the city. 

Less tired now though. The holidays did a world of good. And only 30 days until Sydney! 
On Friday I went to Lisa’s bday drinks and then to Found for my weekly dose of delicious cocktails and catch up with the locals. It’s kind of chill having a bar as your second home. Meeting new people and cheap drinks. 
This was my Saturday. Wanted to kick my cold in the balls. 
Me and W took a walk after G left and then straight back sofa deluxe. Watched a sweet film on Netflix called sing street. 
Sunday was copy paste. It poured down and we headed down to the river with the mini monster. I do have a lot of love for shitty London weather, feels like home. 
After all that crazy exercise we went home and straight back where we belong. Because it’s January and you need to rest your weary soul. 
That’s my weekend folks. 

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