To Paris

Paris again. Early morning start. It’s a blessing I can sleep on the Eurostar. Which I did. Next to my poor colleague. She got darth vadered. 

Look at the bags under those eyes…
My life is truly January at the moment. I’m like a 100% more energetic and stable from before Christmas for work and George but I have nada energy for anything else. Like friends. I might be glued to the sofa.
But how not to with company like this little dude. And the other hairy monster of course. 
When his jokes are not on the stupid side (which they sometimes most definitely are, I wouldn’t call me ‘easy’, I’m known to be very stubborn proving people wrong) he is pretty damn awesome. 
Tonight I’m looking forward to doing very little. My best work trip thing is to do nothing and go to bed in the hotel room very early. Cause I’m a crazy cat. 

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