Meat extravaganza

My colleague Sita took me to this never ending meat restaurant. 

Never. Ending. Meat. 
My biggest problem with those kind of restaurants is that I realise that I actually can’t eat that much. But I gave it my best. 
When we arrived there was a queue and freezing but we got seated pretty quickly which was lucky because starving.
The restaurant only have one dish. Meat, fries and sauce. And they keep topping it up when you eat. Delicious. The sauce was weird but to die for. 
I did have two helpings. Then I was almost dying. 
But because hero had a creme brûlée as well. Also being a fail I couldn’t eat more than that. Then we rolled home and I fell asleep in meat sweats. 
But first played with snapchat and sent George I miss you messages. Yes, I’m cheesy af.
Woke up to a message that George had stolen some cigarettes from me. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I need to bring them to Sydney since a pack cost £20 there.
I also bought him like 4 pouches of tobacco here. Doubly cheated of cigarettes. 
Today heading back to London. Can’t wait for my bed, my hound and my man (in that order :))

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