A day in Richmond

Headed out to Richmond with the girls yesterday after George left for Finland in the morning.

I looked happy but I was kind of sad he left. We missed our two days this week so I feel like I haven’t seen him in ages. 
It was freezing out and W is still really bad from his UTI so I wrapped him up in Gs scarf. He looked kind of cute. 
One of those cold, beautiful and lovely winter days.
You get so much energy from that. And from hanging with your girls. 
BloggerImageLook at this pretty day. We walked for 4h and had lunch at petersham. All the things you could ever need. 
After lunch it was more walking on the frosty ground. Closest I get to snow these days. 
After that, as you can imagine, the glorious sofa.
This morning headed happily to work even if my cold is a bitch hard to get rid of and my nose thing has flared up again. 
Sydney, can’t wait to be embraced by your heat. 

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