In a foggy London

Passed my probation today. I’m not getting fired. Woohoo. I was kind of expecting that they wouldn’t come on the last day but weirder things have happened. Like Trump. 

This morning took a long walk with W in misty London 
Very pretty. It was nice being outside the house and not just on the sofa. Even if I have a lot of love for the sofa.
Tonight doing very little again. G is back tomorrow and there is a mountain of laundry at home as well as just crap to get cleared up. Seriously awesome life. 
Then sofa times again. Because that is what I do best (even if this is my bed because potentially even better than the sofa). 
I’m realising I’m taking every chance to do nothing now that G is away. My inner lazy is loving it. Finally I’m becoming somewhat normal and might even becoming a bit tired of the party. Never saw that coming. 

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