Being a super woman

Rocked my presentation for the board today. Even if my CEO played a typical manly power move by start by asking me if I was nervous and continue that I should be. 

Don’t understand what certain men feel the need to put you down. What will he gain from making me nervous before I present to him and the rest of the board? I’m not likely to do my best. 
Anyway, I just got so tired and kind of lost the respect so actually stopped being nervous (I wish that was the reason he did it) and nailed it. Tonight celebrating with George coming home. 
This is how happy I am about that! I have missed him. 
Today also celebrating that it’s 3 years since we brought W home. He is my little hero. Glad that Ol and me are working it out even if it’s a bloody nightmare at times. 
Otherwise I’ve spent the last couple of days in the flat doing laundry and chilling. Had a sip from a cider yesterday and got so excited I walked straight into a door. 
Klutz much? 
Glad my days by myself are over but also at peace for the first time in what feels like ages after passing my probation and doing this presentation. Not realising how much it weighed on me until I nailed it. 
Will sleep like a baby tonight in my hairy snuggle. 

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