When you are sad and need a drink

Having a hard time with the state of the world. Like really struggling this week because I’m just tired of how far we have left and then seeing the world go backward is like a hard fucking punch to the gut. 

So I decided to meet my girls for drinks and see George BBQ for Australia Day. Two good things on a bleak day. 
The venue was a whiskey shop in Soho called Milroys. Not only to they serve whiskey from all over the world, they also have a secret door to a bar through a bookcase.  
Yes, you heard me right. You push a button next to the bookcase and it slowly opens and let you down into a basement bar filled with candle light and delicious drinks. 
When we weren’t drinking we had sausages out in the freezing cold with my man. 
Katta was especially lurig and had two. 
After a couple of hours Lollo and a colleague showed up and we talked about the state of the world and had more drinks. As you should do. 
Tonight a night in. Because I have W. otherwise I would have so gone out and another set of cocktails because delicious. 
Sending you all my love with this awesome times cover. There are hope on the world. 

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