Never ending January

Last day of January. I kid you not it feels like it’s been dragging on forever. Maybe because i feel like I’ve done basically nothing but chilling on the sofa for a month. Needed but honestly kind of boring. 

On Friday…prepare yourself…I stayed at home. In my sweatpants. Eating popcorn.
On Saturday morning went to the park. Dressed in my sweatpants. Who am I even? 
Came home to chill with these sexy legs. But you can’t stay in bed forever (damn you real life) and in the evening Katta and me had booked date night.
We walked along a romantic river, had dinner at havelock and went to the cinema to see La la land. 
Best date night in a long time and hands up for going on dates with your friends. 
Katta also gave me a very appropriate gift. Because who doesn’t want to be crazy unicorn lady? 
On Sunday me and G celebrated sthlm fashion week in the latest trends. Power couple. 
Went to bed to a leaking boiler so yesterday was spent at home when the boiler guy kept trying to air out all the electricals. 
George was working and I was working. 
In the evening he went off to fry some sausages and I tried keeping him enticed to come back home to his grey clad gf by sending sexy pictures. 
That boy is one lucky fucker. 

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