Acting my age

Less than two weeks until my bday. 35. Half way to 70. George says I keep going on about it but it just feels so…not old but…final. Like I’m a real grown up. I mean, at 35 you are. A real grown up.

And in the spirit of being grown up we went for drinks yesterday in Hackney. Because life needs to be lived.
Waiting for tommy at Oslo hackney. Enjoying time with my man. Because he is one sexy dude. And he makes me laugh all the time.
Second bar is a newly opened place in hackney called every cloud. They have awesome drinks. And cherries soaked in cognac. Because the bartender is a hero I got two. 
We stayed there for hours and drank one or two drinks too many. 
Since I don’t get hangover any longer I can do this and still rock up at work being balling. 
Tonight aiming for a long walk with Katta. Don’t feel the sofa. Think I’ve become slightly sofa shaped in the last month.

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