A week until we leave. Or, 7.5 :). Yes, I’m counting down like a crazy person. I need this holiday. 

First bdaying. Honestly not really feeling it. Feel very ununicorny this year. But, there is a party to get started on Saturday so things are in motion 
Like ALL the glowsticks. And maybe 40 people coming to Loves. And me and George having the Saturday together. And no W! Love him but it means I don’t have to get up stupid early and walk him. 
Feeling quite power babe about this.
Yesterday ate fancy food, fixed Aussie visa, got flight socks (yes, old) and watched some Netflix. Also got woken in the middle if the night by G somehow knocking the W painting from the wall and killing one of my unicorn bowls.  
That made two down since the one I got from my mum died in the travels. 
But awesome boyfriend fixed both so now I have two sexy ones. 
Tonight Wednesday drinks in Notting hill and getting myself drink ready for the weekend. 

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