Birthday week starts without birthday venue.

Went on George’s round of bar in his ambassadors ship yesterday. This time in Notting hill. The memories. 

Started at the distillery where I got to go down into the basement and look at all the pretty things making gin magic. 
And look at the essences that actually makes the magic. Mmm, fennel…
Because apparently my bday week started already yesterday George took me for dinner and then treated me to a lovely gin drink at portobello star. Deliciousness.
Last stop was weird and awesome little yellow door. Felt like this upside down fox when it turned out the place for my bday party had been cancelled. To find a place for 40 people 2 days in advance in London is NOT easy. 
Tye and Rupali working the venue treated us to boob cocktails that tasted like candy and I was wondering how to wing the whole bday party thing. 
Katta came by and we had a couple of those delicious boob drinks. 
Headed home around midnight and on the way back G got a confirmation that we can be in the private room of a pub up east. Woop woop. 
So today sorting music, decorations, brain. I’m sure it will be awesome but I stress about these things so needed to re jig my brain to now be me hosting rather than being in a club. 
Tonight home. Tired. 

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