Get ready for take off…

Friday!! So many good things to come over the following 7 days that I’m almost in lock down shock down mood.

Bday party tomorrow. After getting told Loves is closed and having to last minute panic fix everything (thank you for being a hero George) all the bartenders are now feeling so bad for me they are over compensating.
My party will be a glitter filled shots extravaganza in glowsticks heaven. What a way to turn 35.
Yesterday was making myself pretty with a face mask. That smells crazy of chocolate. My hair still smells delicious. I wanted to chew my own face off. 
Taking it easy tonight. Don’t want to blow the horn before tomorrow. I got invited to a Jamie Oliver dinner at little yellow door but nowadays I’m someone who says no in favour of the sofa. Secretly not too unhappy about that. 
Tomorrow though. All guns blazing. 

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