Happy bday me!

Happy bday me! I’ll throw up some pictures from my party later but first…all things me and this pretty awesome Tuesday. 

Magic started yesterday when flowers from mum and dad showed up in the post. Feeling the love (and the missing) all the way from Sweden. 
When I came home from work George delivered all my bday gifts from the party. Loving Bens wrapping skills. Blue roll and bin bag. 
Containing gin. And I got some vodka as well. High five to making friends that know me. 
And a Star Wars puzzle!! Winning!! 
The rest of the night was spent with these two heroes. Because love and the best thing ever. George and me made bangers and mash. Delicious. A culinary success.
Got breakfast in bed this morning. Thank you babe. It was massive so George had to eat half.
As for my gifts, in true Krastev style I’ve gotten them before. A tablet for my travels 
And a pendant with glitter. Because glitter is life. This look like a super hero pendant. I love it.
Then I got to work and my colleagues celebrated me with cake and more gin. Feeling the love all around. 
Being very very happy.
Tonight heading to Katta for dinner. Not sure I can handle more awesomeness. But I can handle Katta’s amazing food. Yum! 

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