The last leg

The last stretch before leaving tomorrow. Tonight have been spent packing (yes, I might have 5 pairs of shoes with me….), clearing the flat and taking selfies with the snap chat filter 

Time we’ll spent. Especially since packing took a whooping 3h. At least now I’m all done. 
2.5w of holiday here I come! 
Yesterday got a last hoorah celebration at Katta’s. She’d organised a surprise bday dinner. I thought it was only us but Eric and a couple of others where there as well. Awesome. 
Cinnamon buns for dessert 
Giving away my age…
The perfect crew to celebrate your bday with. 
And I promised some pics from Saturday so here goes. I was drunk so not that many pictures where actually taken. As expected. 
I did wear glowsticks. Of course. 
And got kisses from Amelia 
My cake said shots 
And then I took toilet selfies. And that’s all I managed to capture on camera. Good thing it was an a awesome party. 
But now. T-12 hours until we head for the airport. 

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