Back in town

Back in London after two awesome weeks chillin in Sydney. Never have there been a city better for chillin vanillin. 

Pictures will come, just need to breathe, fight the jetlag and become normal again. So here comes what’s happened since we got back from our 30h flight. 
Came back to a flat minus parts of our wall. You can trust builders to never finish on time. Too tired to care. 
Chilled on the sofa with this hero. We planned to stay awake to 10pm to kick jetlags ass. That did not work. At all. 
We fell asleep for 5h and woke up at 10 to walk W.
G got poo on his hand, it was cold and we were too tired to food. 
Jetlag vs us – 1-0
But, being clever we have ourselves two days to get back on our feet so Sunday went for an early walk after vegemite pjs brekkie.
London showed us her best.
And we spent two hours staging spring pictures in the park.
Look how relaxed and not at all staged this look…
Then we went for lunch with Katta and I crashed hard from jetlag so straight back to bed. Because I’m a fail. 
Today work. Will see how this goes. So far pretending not to be brain dead by reading emails. Works ish. 

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