Me and the boys

I was home all weekend and to be 100% honest, it was pretty boring. The weather was meh and I don’t have a boyfriend to slouch on the sofa in sweatpants with so it was me, myself and I. I am pretty fab but still.

So last night went out for much needed social time. George was working the bars of Bethnal Green and me, Dan, Lee and Stu joined. Me and the boys.
George got an awesome gift from Lee. Pictures from his bday party. Not long now before lee and me are going to see Galantis which was my bday gift.
We had a couple of drinks and dinner at Resident (delicious food) and then Sun Tavern before giving up and heading home around 11. 
Today London is freezing and raining and I’m going to stay home. Conal might be swinging by and keeping me company. Love talking to him, not only is he a sweetheart but he is also so young. Was I ever that young? 

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