London life

What a crazy 24h. Yesterday we had a, what is presumed to be, terrorist attack here in London. Not close to me but the whole city goes a bit crazy when something like this happens.

After work I went home to cook dinner for conal who swung by for a catch up. Lovely to see him. Later in there was a motor bike stolen on our street so the police popped by for some questions. 
London life.
Walked W this morning and got asked out for a date by a hot guy I’ve seen a couple of times. I was wearing sweatpants and no make up. Looking fabulous. Even if I kindly declined it was a nice ego boost on a grey Thursday. 
Came into work and got the cutest tiny candles from my colleague back from holiday.
I do have an awesome team. 
I have however pulled my back so can barely sit up. You win some you lose some.

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