Sunshine and pea soup

I know it’s getting a bit old but I can’t stop gushing about this weather. It’s so lovely being able to take a walk during lunch and feel the sun on your face. 

So that is what I did yesterday. Ate lunch at home but then took an afternoon walk sneaking in a couple of minutes on the grass. 
Work morals going to shit. Who wants to sit inside when you’ve got sun on your nose? 
In the evening made myself the most Swedish of dinners 
Pea soup with tunnbröd and Finn crisp with leverpastej. Delicious. Some serious gastronomic experience right there.
Then George came home and we watched Legion. Like a normal couple on the sofa.
Having him home tonight as well. Almost too much. Maybe I realise we really don’t have that much to say. 
Nah, kidding, George ALWAYS have something to say.

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