Down into the man cave.

Good night yesterday. And day. Walked 20k and 4.5h. The upside of having a dog. Downside is that is still haven’t been to the gym I signed up to before Christmas. Bad Cissi. 

Me and George went for an after work walk with Woolly and then to eat Tokyo to meet up with Josh. Trying to hang out with friends down west way. George is a machine when it comes to meeting friends and this is his goal right now. I’m just along for the ride. 
After dinner went to Brew dog. I had sweet mead. It was delicious. 
The boys played games. I tried to sneak out and go home but I was caught out and waited until they were done. 
One home George went down into his man cave. Yes, it’s starting to happen now. It’s like 100 man points having a man cave.
Today booked a trip to Amsterdam with the girls in April.
Maggie looking very happy about that. 
Thumbs up! 

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