Daffodils like tiny suns

It’s going to be 20 degrees in London today. And I’m wearing a sweater. Without anything under. Poorly played. 

I have however bought a pair of pink trainers to see me through the summer. Cheap though so expect them to be a short lived fashion thing. Because love shoes, have no impulse control and own way to many. 
The flat is pretty though with blooming daffodils (don’t mind the fact that we still have a stripped down walk and builders stuff everywhere). 
Made pasta excellence with all my Abel and Cole. Lemon, olive oil, Parmesan and sunflower seeds. Yum. Sweetie ban is going well. Never feel any health benefit but snack less and eat healthier.
Me and Woolly chilled and read books. 
And not too late George came home from work and we watched What about Bob and had a celebratory drink for hopefully some good work development for him.
Then he checked out my bum.
Tonight walkies in the warmth. Have I told you lately I love London?

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