Soon the start of pimms season

Friday! Let’s celebrate that with a party selfie 

Who would us modern people be without our selfies to show how happy we are?
I’m off to out of office tonight with swede crew. Need to dance in glitter rain. 
Yesterday it was 20 degrees in London. Not kidding. It was too warm in my sweatshirt. 
I worked outside in our garden for an hour. Making life about 150% times better.
Then Katta and me took a walk and it smelled of flowers everywhere. 
On Sunday it’s the Cambridge Oxford boat race, the official opening of the season. I’ll make George wear red trousers and tweed and we can go down and lajv being posh people. 
It’s also the official start of pimms drinking. Just found out that pimms is based on gin. That’s why it’s the nectar of the gods. 

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