Fangirling and pimms

This week started in a heart wrenching manner. Had to take W to the vet to try and get to the bottom of his bladder issues. But only did he plant his feet and cry all the way there but then I had to leave him alone in a basement to fall asleep on the sedatives all why crying for his mummy 

*wipe tear away*.
Hopefully we can figure our head is going on and get him better. 
Friday was more fun with another Out of office. We danced and drank vodka redbull as always 
And I tried to take sexy pics for George. 
After it closed we went to Charlie’s and then scotch. 
Katta and me decided the night was over around 3. Good call. 
Went back to ours and Katta stayed over. Poor George had to stay on the sofa. But I normally hate hugs when I’m drunk so maybe not so bad after all. 
On Saturday was pretty hanging but Lee had gotten me tickets to galantis for my bday so put some make up on my face and pulled myself together. 
Party times. We had VIP tickets and got to meet the band. Ehr…extremely awkward. There i stood among all these crying 13 year olds and just…no… But, had to go up and have my picture taken and give them weird little hugs and ask for an autograph. Because that is apparently bad you do when you are fangirling (thank you so much to Lee for the tickets but Never. Again. 
Then we danced and I wore my fan girl gear I got given 
Awesome show! 
Then we headed to Found and I had a much needed drink to get me sorted after that ordeal. 
But pretty confetti rain. 
On Sunday went to the river for the Oxbridge boat race. It was hectic! Filled with people and you couldn’t see a thing. 
But who cares when you have pimms, hot guys, and a line if loos as a view. 
Soon picking up little snoozer hound and giving him all the love after him thinking I’ve abandoned him.

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