The greenest green

Half a day to go and then Easter holiday. Four glorious days off. 

Starting tonight with theatre with Katta. Feeling cultured. And then maybe a drink. Because can’t be all serious. 
Our flat got a bit of a make over. THE chair (yes, the. It’s the one that is always filled with clothes and shit) has been moved to the living room.
Loving it. It’s never been used for anything but clothes so it’s time to shine (and dad, the perfect arm chair next time you come to visit.)
Took W for a walk in flowery London. Primroses. Love the smell. 
London is SO green right now. Love this early spring almost heartachingly greeness.
Woolly found the perfect stick so we had to stay in the park for an extra 30 min. 
Came home and decided since it’s Easter I’m allowed to be done with my no sweetie thing. Had a delicate ball. Delicious. 
Then I took selfies for George before going to bed. Once there I started to freak out when I could hear something in the garden. Pretty sure it was just a cat but after the burglary my nerves are a bit frayed and I was terrified. 
Once George came home I was all freaking out. Poor guy didn’t know what hit him. 
This morning blue skies and greeeeeen. 
And some Easter candy. Missing my Swedish pick and mix, not much for the chocolate, but will have to wait until I’m back in may. 
Happy Easter all of you. 

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