Entering a Parisienne dream

Went to 1899 Paris yesterday. It was an absinthe fuelled dream of burlesque, dancing, singing and glitter. Like living in a musical. Yes, that is a dream of mine. When everyone around you bursts into song. 

BloggerImageI got home from work and started getting my naked on. My trusted corset got whipped out again. This have danced in the desert and been to some crazy raves here in London. Never fails to make me feel sexy beautiful.
Figuring out stockings. Realising my skirt is way too short for stay ups and suspenders. Way too short. 
Went with fishnets instead. So you can see my ass looking a bit like a netted ham instead.
Ready to rock and rumble. There is something about burlesque that makes you feel gorgeous.
Good thing I had my cake since I still got some pretty leery comments on the way to the tube. Nothing like a little ass showing on rush hour tube. 
Met up with the crew and entered the dream. 
After hours of living and breathing being a child of the revolution we left for shoreditch house.
We took photos in the booth 
And ate all the food. No dinner and absinthe dreams make you need nighttime mac and cheese.
Ended with a set of photos for George before realising I missed him way to much do headed home.
Since he is the best he waited up for me so I could tell him all about my night. And show my outfit. Very much appreciated. 
Tonight was to be grandma night on the sofa but my boss just invited me to fancy dinner in town. Too tired for this…

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