Harry Potter here I come

I had no idea that yesterday would be so nerve wrecking as it ended up being. 

Don’t worry, nothing has happened. Well, not nothing but it’s a good thing. Or several good things. The gods are smiling my way. Sitting back and enjoying the ride. 
At 11 I signed up for buying tickets to the Harry Potter play. They were re releasing for spring 2018 and it looked like that little BM man I’ve unsuccessfully followed so many times. He depresses me. Because he never get to the finish line before it’s all over. 
I had basically given up on my tickets and resigned to try again in 6 months.
Until, like magic, I got 3 tickets. For me, George and Julia since it’s her bday and she is a potter fan like me. She just needs to book her calendar for July next year. Something to look forward to. 
Like that wasn’t enough I found the ring George gave me and i thought I’d lost in the bottom of my bag. Winning!! 
With all of this to celebrate me and Katta chilled on the sofa and ate bilar. Excellent way of celebrating anything. 
And today I found a bottomless taco and bloody place around the corner from us. 
A couple of pretty spectacularly good things to happen. Tonight Paola touches down, we’ll meet her in soho for drinks. Alcohol might be even better than bilar for celebration. 

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