Feeling scandalous

A tiny bit tired today. But that’s ok when Paola comes to town for the first time in 20 years. Have to show London at its finest. 

So we did. Cause London is awesome.
Took my my man under one arm and headed to Graphic bar (truth to be told he took me. That guy is just something else when it comes to knowing all the bars and bartenders) for a couple of drinks awaiting cousins arrival.
I drank a garden. A delicious garden. 
George in his new job is responsible for soho, shoreditch and Notting hill. Best areas. And he loves it. Biggest grin ever. Guess that’s what happens when you get paid to go around chatting to people and having drinks. 
Sounds like a dream job. But honestly I would hate it. I need my ‘stare into the computer’ downtime once in a while. Good thing it’s my extroverted boyfriend that got his dream job. 
Anyway, after drinks we met Paola at Vietnamese restaurant kiln. Delicious. 
And then we took her to disrepute for another drink. 
The drinks have little stories and then you are supposed to chose a drink from that. I felt dangerous and scandalous last night so this was my drink. 
After two more we left Paola at the hotel and headed back home. Now the two of the them, man and cuz, are out having lunch. So jealous. 

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