Hello everyone

Picked up my little grumpy, wet dog yesterday. He is off to the vet again today for another round of tests. They have no idea what is going on but he is clearly in pain every time he go off the metacam so something is still wrong. 

W hated being photographed so unless I take a steady neck grip or have treats he will look away if I point a camera at him. Not sure that’s my dog…
We picked Paola up from hsmith and then made some culinary masterpiece with pasta, veggies and mascarpone. Delicious. Good thing having Italian cousin in town to help you cook. 
Today heading up to east for dinner and drinks. At Found where else. And then bank holiday! 
I laughed so hard at this. So true in this day and age. Whenever you meet someone’s new date you have to pretend you don’t know everything about them including their shoe size and grandmas maiden name. 
Happy weekend everyone. 

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