Going Quasimodo on my face

Went to the dentist yesterday. Two more holes and then all my 4 ones are filled and fixed. £1000 later :(. The holiday money for this year. 

To add insult to injury my resistance to anaesthetics made then put 6 shots in there. And it still didn’t take on the second one and it was painful as hell. 
Anyway. When I got out half of my face was completely dead.
This is me smiling equal amounts on both sides. 
Droop mouth. I started freaking out I would stay like this forever and George had to calm me down. 
We went to see guardians of the galaxy with Harry and it was a mission eating the popcorns. 
This morning I was dead tired after waking all night. Apparently my cheek is sporting a lovely bruise and I’m swollen which means I woke up every time I slept on it.
Feeling fresh…

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