Paris, its complicated

In Paris again. Lovely when we arrived yesterday. 20 degrees and a new hotel up just behind the sacre cour. This city at its best. I have a love and hate relationship with Paris so glad to end in the love side. 

After a long lunch in the sun me and Stevie arrived at the office and it ended up being a pretty tricky day with some shit stuff happening at work. Unfairly so. I am so so tired of fighting this never ending battle with the french. Them hating me simply because I’m not. 
So we had dinner and a couple of drinks and did a whole lot of ranting. Because shit. 
And I decided to sleep in my ‘fuck the haters’ t-shirt to get some much needed bad ass power back. 
And I did. Today I aced a meeting and have one of the top management saying ‘now I get it. It’s not your fault. We can stop hating you’.
First. Yes to making them see that.
Second. Fuck it that I even have to make them see that. Please note that me or my team have done nothing to be ‘hated’ other than sitting in another country and trying to get projects through with an unwilling tech team. 
Some good, some bad and very happy to leave Paris and get back to London and these guys 
But first Success dinner with my manager since we have aced our targets. 

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