Filippa in town.

Filippa has left and I’m a shell of a person. Love having my best people in town but I’m very much looking forward to vegetating on the sofa for a bit now. Im too old for this shit. 

On Friday sat at home waiting for F to come and snapchatted. Because kid at heart (even if not in body) 
She showed up, we had dinner at home and then headed up to….Found (surprise). Met with katta and linnea and had all the drinks. Again. 
Happy ladies. Alcohol does that. 
F left a message in the ceiling of the bathroom. Sorry Oscar…
We headed home to W and some night snacks and I sent messages to George stil working. 
On Saturday I walked W and then we went to an all you can eat taco and bottomless bloody brunch. Delicious and food babies. We did a good job at killing those tacos. But our poor bellies. 
George looking extra happy. Maybe because I sent a sad text to him in the morning. Totally not his fault. I think Paris and other things caught up me and I felt sad and unseen and blamed him. Not fair. Sorry for my crazy. 
And then we drunk our way through London. Shots at Jamie’s 15, shots at smokey tails, shots at jouex bordello. Hence being a shell today. 
Eric and swede crew met up with us at smokey tails and we all danced our little socks off. 
Then F and me came home for cheese. You can never go wrong with cheese.
Even if I was dying yesterday we headed out for a walk in sunny London. Wearing a new t-shirt that I got from Charlie. You’re the man. 
Ice creams for the win. 
Ending the weekend with Snapchat and zootopia. About what my brain could handle yesterday. 
Today sofa time. Needed. 

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