J.W Paris, blame it all in you

Went to see the boys in J.W Paris play last night. Because they are headbangingly awesome. And leatherclad sweethearts. We love that. 

The place we were at had 3 for 10 jägerbombs. So I made Natalia and Henry in my team to have some. Yes, I am a banging boss.
Then we raved to the band. 
After the gig we went to a members club in Dalston called Kings Head. Weird place that. Loads of stuffed animals and gorgeous drinks.
Hello mega giraffe head 
And who doesn’t want to bathe in a peacock, tiger bath? 
Me and Natalia were given band t-shirts and became proper fan girls. Plus, Berlin could so be my chosen place. 
Natalia got a friend 
And I toiled posed. As you should when I silver trousers and fangirl band t-shirt. 
Too bad when your boss make you stay out to 4 in the morning. Work just never stops. 
Sent them home and then went to pick up George at Found. 
To come home to my fabulous toothpaste. Saw this on a blog and went YES, need party toothpaste in my life. Now. 
There is always reason for a little disco when brushing your teeth. 

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