Sunny London love

London is so lovely at the moment. I have W full time which means morning and afternoon walks. Not complaining when it’s like this.

Yesterday took selfies when talking to Lollo who brought the rest of the awesome series I’m reading from Sweden. Yeah her! 
I was also a unicorn. Because why ever be anything else. Seriously. 
Cat glasses. God, are we just going to be a generation of snappers? 
I made George and my super healthy dinner. Which was good since he followed up by bringing out the vienetta we bought the other day.
You win some you lose some and the end is the same on that summer body.
This morning getting a hero message from George. He is helping me getting my groove on to face the doctors and get some more anti depressants. I’m scared shitless of those doctors since the last round.
It’s needed again. Mostly because work is a killer. Who knew someone who has issues with not being able to please everyone and not fixing the issue would suffer in a company where people are pre destined to dislike and questioning. 
So yeah. I’m dealing quite poorly with that. And I know the medicine helps so I’m going to give myself a break and get that help. Don’t need to do everything myself. 
Tonight going for dinner with my man to enjoy London sunshine. 
Otherwise I’m toast. 

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