All the love

I’m in a never ending love story with London at the moment. I’m so tired of the grey of this city sometimes but when it’s like this it’s magic. From walking along the river to bar hopping some of the world best bars, from eating the food of every corner of the world to sitting on the sofa with the window open hearing the world pass outside. 

When I left work I put on a dress and headed to the park with Woolly again. 
We chilled in the grass. Woolly was almost dying in the heat but I was loving it. For being a swede I love the heat. 
When George came home we went to queens head for dinner. It was packed and warm and I didn’t have to wear a jacket until the very end. 
Today it’s my sisters birthday. I miss her. Love this city, don’t want to leave but miss the people that have my heart in Sweden. 
Love you beauty 

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