Hello from me and my little friend.

It’s been a quiet week my end. Or, lots going on but quiet in that I’ve stayed at home. Tired. 

It’s been raining and I’ve been hiding away at home. And wearing sexy rain coat. 
I have also had some tricky but necessary conversations for work. Since I’m taking over another team of 25 people I’ve had to sort that out with the current manager making sure he is ok with it. Which is not an easy conversation since I am basically stepping in and taking over but want him to be happy and stay on. 
Hope I succeeded..
I’ve also been sitting on the sofa playing with Snapchat filters finding a little person hiding in my throat. 
Hello little one. 
And yesterday I started with the anti depressants again. Mainly as a precaution. Work has been tough on me and I’ve noticed some of my old behaviours flaring up. This is a way of making sure I have it under control. 
I spoke with the doctor and he was helpful. Telling me they see that often. Patients being off it for a couple of years then using it when they are noticing a relapse. 
I think it will help. I’m not bad, just want to own my thoughts again. George is the best support, asks me how he can help and really try to understand. And crazily I do talk to him about it. 
When I first told him a couple of weeks back that I needed to go back on the meds and I’ve been struggling in and out for the last 5 months he looked at me and said 
‘Next time let’s try and get it down to 3 months. And then 6 weeks. I feels 6 weeks is the ultimate time. We can work with 6 weeks.’
I love him for that. Not making me broken or someone that needs fixing. But us doing this together. Making sure I work on the things that need a little tweaking. 
Working from home today. The medicine makes me so so tired for the first couple of days. Can barely function. I might have fallen asleep for 4 hours in the middle of the day. 
So, quiet week at home but busy at the same time. Trying to manage tricky job situations and dealing with my mental state. Being kind of awesome but also questioning. That’s what I do. 
Can’t wait for the weekend. Peace out from me and my bearded little friend.

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