London stories

I went to the doctor to do some blood tests this morning and my amazing nurse (George wondered if he should be worried) lives opppsite the Grenfell Tower. 

It was an emotional conversation with this lovely man telling me how him and his family got woken up and through the night helped the fire fighters by pointing out people in the windows etc. He also mentioned how hard it is explaining to his two kids what had happened. 
I spent my morning packing clothes, chargers, mobile phones and toiletries to give away. We are doing a collection at work. I feel helpless and I want to help. And I also gave money. In the end of the day they need that more than my old clothes.
I love London in times like this. It’s a true community. I remember after the Hackney riots how locals went out with brooms to clean the streets and after this the centres are already saying they are getting too many donations and volunteers and all the 2000 needing a place to live are cared for.
London you beaut.
Yesterday I went to see George, katta and Stu for a drink and dinner in London Bridge. Didn’t want to be alone. It was lovely and the area had just started to open up again after the attacks. We wanted to show our support. 
On the way home George found a chair for the basement. You give some you win some. Life. 

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