Summer times

London is still boiling. It’s meant to reach 33 today. I’m loving it. Most of the time. Not when the tube is still closed due to the fire and I have to walk an hour to pick up W in a sweltering city (boohoo, poor me) 

During the walk up I passed by the angry crowds at Latimer Road. Not scary angry, just angry. Rightfully so. 
This was a lovely installation outside Oliver’s studio. 24 hearts for 24 floors. 
After picking up mini woof I gathered my family and we went to the park. Re using the food from the last days picnics. 4 days in a row…winning at picnics at the moment. 
Tired hairy heroes. Still more than 25 degrees out so snoozing on the grass. 
As I said, loving the weather. We read for a bit and me and Woolly were playing with an old bottle. Mondaying.
Walking home through summer London feeling pretty content. 
Life. Not too bad at the moment. 
Then George snored like a band saw last night so me and Woolly fled to the sofa before he sheepishly came and picked me up around 6 this morning. You win some you lose some. 

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