Yet another picnic

It’s a bit cooler today and tomorrow it’s midsummer! Bring on the snaps. We won’t be dying in 33 but also not freezing our bits of in 10 which is Swedish standard. 

Winning! George has got both tomorrow and Saturday night off so tomorrow night is swede dinner at Lisa’s and on Saturday picnic in Hyde park. A two nighter. My old bones can’t do that any longer..
Yesterday not so busy at work Di worked from ‘home’ in the afternoon and went to the park with W.
We were both almost dying in the heat. W mostly rolling around in her grass in various stages of passed out and me more or less the same to be honest. 
Looking way to fresh.
In the evening met with maria and Charlie down at the river for yet another picnic. I’m on a roll! We had some ciders and strolled home when the sun went down around 10. 
Chillin at home tonight before the crazy of the weekend starts tomorrow. Have the day off so the plan is to sleep in tomorrow morning. 

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