A very London midsummer

Midsummer in London was as fun, drunken, flowery and filled with swede food as in Sweden. But with better weather. Win. 

Katta and me had a lovely day with mani pedis and then lunch in sun before heading to hers for some wreath binding.
This looks like I’m better at it than I am…
Interesting shape 
George showed up and katta and him had a wreath off. 
I think we are all super cute midsummer winners (this is before we became super drunk midsummer winners) 
We went to Lisa’s for a full on midsummer extravaganza. There was pickled herring. And meatballs. And snaps…
So much snaps…
After more shots and drinks at Lisa’s we went to katta for mellanfest.
Unfortunately we had an unlucky incident with some bastard kids throwing rocks at us breaking her front door window.
After speaking to the police we headed to a nightclub. As you do. Never stop the party.
Everything is a bit hazy from here 
And at 4 George put us all in a cab back home. 
Awesome night though
Not so much the next morning when I had to wake up for round two. But I’ll do that one in the next post. 

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