Midsummer shenanigans continued

Ok, I feel ready to share the rest of the midsummer weekend now.

I woke up on Saturday feeling fresh as a daisy…
It was a struggle to pull myself together but a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do.
With heaps of make up and a shower I was ready to get to Hyde park and celebrate with the rest of the London swedes. 
Met this guy in a very busy park. 
Feeling a bit weak, shaky and fragile I drifted from group to group of people waiting for katta to join me. She came 3 hours late. That was a lot of drifting. 
After snaps and ready made GT to get myself in shape again both katta and George showed up and we went to a house party running into our crew from the night before. 
No party is boring with these two heroes 
By 3 I was done and dusted. There is only that much midsummer partying that can be done before it’s time to give up. 
Got home, fed myself, was massively annoying so my poor boyfriend felt the need to drown me out by reading a book. You snooze you lose.
So that was it. First midsummer not in Sweden. All in all a success but I do miss my never ending daylight and the smell of midsummer sweden. 

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