Who am I even?

Holiday is so close i can smell it. Tomorrow I put my ass on a flight to Sweden for some serious chill time in the forest. 

But first summer party in Paris. Cause I’m a globetrotting ninja. 
Said goodbye to my doggie yesterday. He was not happy when I started packing, he knows exactly what that means. So he mopes around and gives me the stinky eye. 
Conal came over and told me some stories from the rich and the famous. Nothing makes me feel older and more boring than hearing the stories from a genius but crazy 21 year old touring the world with famous people. 
But sofa life with doggie is cool. (The worst is that I’m now officially mature enough to not even get jealous.)
How the mighty have fallen…
Early morning train to Paris. Slept all the way. Snoring next to my colleague. A win for her. Leaving mid day tomorrow to catch my flight to Sweden. Easy. 
‘Only’ 13 days to I get to see this wolverine heroesque man again. That will be hard. Since im sappy and miss him kind of always. So I put together a countdown. To survive. 
What have I become? 

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