London life

George comes back from Finland today. Finally. 13 days apart is way too many. Fact.

I’m enjoying being back in London. Being back at work not so much but we are heading to Scotland tomorrow so not too painful. 
My first day back I sat in the sun and had lunch. London is warmer than Sweden and I wore a dress and tried to show off my light tan. 
In the evening I reunited with mini man and we did our favourite thing – sofa chilling. 
Then I laid in our bed and missed George. Always harder when you are the one left at home.
Yesterday conal came to visit and brought me flowers. His life is drama as always. Makes me feel old and wise. Mostly I feel like Peter Pan so a nice change. 
Woolly is murdering one of his toys and this was his little face when the stuffing started to fall out. Don’t kill your friend man. 
Goodnight from us. No more sleeps until I have my family with me. 

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