I’m a banana

Everything is so summery at the moment. Slow times at work, warm weather, lazy evenings, way too warm snuggles in bed. Amazing in other words.

Came back to a sunny office and new sun loungers. So yes, worked for a good hour in the sun. Thank you Deezer for adding to my tan.
In the evening picked up mini man and went home for mega snooze time. Because that is what we do. 
My new painting from mum and dad now sits prettily in our living room entwined with greenery. I love that little lonely penguin. 
And yesterday was a repeat. Work – sun lounger – pick up Woolly – sofa – Snapchat filter to remind my boyfriend to miss me when he is out gallivanting around town. 
Tonight the new Spider-Man movie. And a ocado delivery of all times good and Swedish. 

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