Dress for success

George and me went to the cinema and saw Spider-Man yesterday. It was awesome. Not often I laugh out loud but there I was almost peeing my pants.

But let’s rewind to the beginning of the day. I had said yes to sit in a CRM panel on this data conference in Tel aviv in October but when I got the email from them it seems they want me to be a speaker. In front of thousands of people. 
Naturally I freaked out. And went to HM to buy a very cute and immature makeup sponge. Because gaaaaaaaaaah.
Then I waited for George to pick up W and come home. We were supposed to be doggo free but Ols gf had to go into hospital so he got to come and chill with us. 
Once home I told George that W are coming with me to work next week and he decided to give him a smarter look.
Look at this proud little man. Ready to take over the music business. 
Beyond cute 
Because I’m a grandma I packed all my candy on ziplock bags. Yes. And happy with it. 
When we got back W wasn’t done dressing up loving the smell of my unicorn slipper.
Yes you are a unique unicorn Woolly 
This morning George looked stylish reading a book in a language he don’t understand. As you do. 
And that was my Wednesday folks. Not too shabby if you ask me. 

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