Wookie times

Friday!! Welcome weekend. It might look like you’ll give us rain but I’ll just take that as a sign that im meant to stay in bed and read books. So no harm done. 

Yesterday went out to meet with Jason I haven’t seen in ages. We went to a couple of bars and ended in graphic bar where I had the bartender promise not to tell George I wasn’t drinking napue.
Meanwhile he probably couldn’t care less being the happiest kid on the planet after getting a belated bday gift from Harry. 
Look at that smile. I only wish he smiled like that while looking at me 😉
Me and Woolly where home by 10 and ready for bed. After starting on the anti depressants again I get way more drunk than before. I remember that from last time. So I try and monitor and not drink too much at the moment. Working pretty well. Otherwise I’m feeling very good, the medicine is really helping and I’m way less stressed about work and life.
High five me! 

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