Summer party times

London is freezing today and we are having our summer party. Instead of wearing a dress I’m in jeans and a turtle neck. High five for English summer. 

But, I’m doggo free all weekend so I’m sure I’ll find ways of keeping warm…a pub comes to mind…
Woolly made everyone fall in love with him in the office but now he is off to live the good life with his grandma.
Good for my poor legs since I’ve been walking over 65.000 steps over the last 3 days. That’s 11h. You are killing me Woolly. 
After all that walking we invited Etienne and Sally for dinner last night. George made fajitas and lit candles. 
Then we drank loads of GT from George’s bag of swag. 
Duly impressed. 
So tonight party times. Celebrating a year at Deezer, that my team is awesome and that it’s summer even if you couldn’t tell from the cold. 

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