Drinking our way through Soho

Since I’m not really ready to let go of that last bit of summer yet I met with george and some other people for drinks last night.

I’m getting ready for fall, buying kicking leaves shoes and knitted jumpers, but first a couple of more nights of careless dancing. 
We started with dinner at bone daddies. Brothy, tasty ramen. They know what they do when they give you a bib. The goodness go everywhere. 
Then we met with Liam and Mandy at swift. We were a dream in matchy colours. Maroon 4. 
Then our tour of Sohos best bars took us to the Vault. I love that place since you have to go through a bookshelf to get down to it. My kind of rabbit hole. 
Next stop was Boston 68. Where we got some weird shots followed by champagne (only the best when you are out with bartenders). Mine was followed by cider. Because less fancy and more of an English mess. 
The shot delivery man. A happier sight when you are not working the day after. But, still pretty balling.
Then we went to see this hot piece of Australian – mike, at Reverend JW Simpson. 
He made me a drink of everything good in life. It tasted like sunshine and crayfish. It was a testament to my maturity that I only had one.
And because my man only treats me to the very best he took me to Burger King for nightfood. 
I lucked out and got 3!! patties in my burger. Winning. 
Then we stumbled home through a late night London hand in hand talking about how lucky we are to have found one another. Yes, cheese galore. 
And that is how you can spend a Wednesday in London. Not too bad if you ask me. 

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