It’s that candle time of year

So you know how I’ve been going on about it still being summer and me living it and enjoying the heat and all that.

Yesterday I decided it was over. It’s fall now. 
I started by going to tk maxx to buy some sheets. But since clearly in nesting mood cams out with way too much shit. Damn you awesome outlet store. 
New pillows for the sofa. Having a dog doesn’t go easy on pillows so fresh ones are needed.
Clothes for george. Among them this somewhat awesome, somewhat weird shirt from Paul Smith. 
I own way too much clothes myself but when I go into nesting mood I start buying for everyone else. Or as george call it – grooming. 
Then ultimate cozy mood. Lighting my birch smelling candle george brought back from Finland and not moving from the sofa for love nor money. 
We are also going into bulky sweaters and jeans season so candy all around. 
This morning took mini man to the park while george was happily snoozing in bed after his late, and super busy, night at the bar. 
Me and dad always talk about how autumn is our favourite time a year and I stand by that. It has all my favourite things – blankets and books, huge cups of tea, scarves, stews and soups. Plus it’s the lead up to Christmas. 

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