Total surprise ninjas

I had the slowest weekend ever. Didn’t touch one drop of alcohol and just chilled around at home and in different parks. Look at me living the high life. 

I also walked like my life depended on it. 
Look at this crazy shit. Can definitely feel my ass today. Walking my way to a kardashian ass. 
Saturday looked like this. Me and my hairy heroes and it being warm enough to still sit outside. In the shade. Love you London (even if it’s raining today). 
Me, george and Woolly stayed on the sofa all night. We contemplated cinema but then I got to full and couldn’t leave the flat. Had to make up for all those calories I didn’t imbibe from drinking. 
Sunday george left for Finland and me and Woolly went for….another walk. Yes, we are unpredictable like that. 
And to really spice it up we met Lollo for another walk in the afternoon. We are like surprise ninjas, you never know where to find us. 
I mean, there is NO way you would have been able to guess we ended up on the sofa that night. 
Then my ring that I got from George broke and I got kind of sad and went to bed. 
Today Monday. Woop woop work week and all that jazz. 

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